Tuesday, June 15, 2010



HERESY - the UK band, not some cheap impostor running about using a name that should be eternally OFF LIMITS to anyone else, let alone some cheap, crappy, plastic 'metal' band. The wonderful SHOKO from SPEEDSTATE RECORDS in Japan did some stellar projects with the band and for a short time offered these killer buttons when you ordered the cd's.

They pretty much sum up everything music is meant to be for me, although I enjoy other styles of 'extreme' music and ofcourse MANY other bands - these guys had it all as far as I am concerned. Their legacy is undeniable, thus the title of one of their many classic (they are all classic) songs winds up being the name of this blog.

Everyone knows - RIPCORD, UNIFORM APPROACH, UNSEEN TERROR, VIOLENT ARREST, FORCE FED, CONCRETE SOX etc, and certainly the current mega-powerhouse-outburst taking the cake these days: GERIATRIC UNIT, all having blood ties to this legend.

Check out the posts I'll make here occasionaly, just random stuff that kicked my ass when I was a kid, or still does, or maybe even is newer, the whole point being to make some of this rare stuff available in atleast another linked form, rather than buried. Chances are I've been listening to it alot recently which would be why I might be more motivated to post whoever it is at the time.

Who cares? Download this gem! And don't forget to check out all the bands listed above. Unseen Terror possibly will be releasing new material after decades, Violent Arrest and GxUx are going strong and are doing it with honour - support 'em.

Although ofcourse the sessions at the BBC with John Peel back in the day on Radio One are excellent, nothing can compare to the tapes of the actual radio transmissions as fans within radio range hit their 'record' buttons and captured the airings as they happened, with John's commentary included. Yeah the sound quality might not be as good as the cleaned up BBC studio versions which have been done to death now, but the biological realness and candidness of these taped versions can't be outdone. This Heresy session, one of 3 the band did, is the same as my tape traded audio, seems to be the exact version that was circulated back when it was rare to even KNOW about the sessions. I haven't heard another taped copy that contains any extra of John's magnificent candor. For those of us that were well out of radio range back then, we hung on news of these tapes becoming available on our trader's lists, not just because of the bands, but because John's treatment was genuine and his commentary honest, and above all entertaining.

HERESY (UK) - PEEL SESSION AUG 3 1987 (WITH JOHN PEEL COMMENTARY)http://www.mediafire.com/?nzjnjjwqky1


  1. Just come across your post.nice reading people dug the band and dig the new bands were all currently in,thanks.

  2. That's killer you stopped by Baz, thank YOU for so much over the decades. Since I don't post here much anyways, and have been busy with a lot of other projects it was worth the effort just to ultimately get some contact with you. Hell by now I've collected every pressing of every Violent Arrest release so far (except the test pressing hehe) - keep up the great work man!

  3. Marcio - thanks! Yeah, I don't update this blog hahaha - sad but true. Thanks for stopping by though.